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Brand value is a medium of storable commercial value that can be “exchanged” or “available” by the recipient. This refers to the “gift card” or “digital gift card” offered by that brand.
Blackhawk Network offers a wide range of options such as gift cards / digital gift cards / discount cards / cash-based payment products / prepaid electronic communications, and offers products with unique and attractive brand value as content You are with the restoration of prepaid cards and credit cards, the cashless payment market is growing rapidly.
In order to deepen the relationship between the brand and the customer, and to expand the sales channel of the customer worldwide, we deal with a variety of world-class products.
We strive to spread a completely new cashless culture to Japan through convenient and smooth payment methods by offering many popular domestic and foreign brands in the industry as content.






The Blackhawk Network Japan has revolutionized the prepaid industry by collaborating with a wide range of industries and brands that have contributed to achieving a comprehensive global network.




Contents Partners


In Japan, we cover content with significant impact in each industry, such as Google Play, Itunes, Netflix, etc.





Distribution Partners


In addition to convenience stores such as Lawson and Seven-Eleven, we have partnerships with other industries such as Rakuten, AU and Yahoo.




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