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Company Name Blackhawk Network Japan K.K.
Address Humax Ebisu Bldg 8F, 1-1-1, Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 〒150-0022  Japan

TEL 03-6871-9480
Established date 12th May, 2009




Blackhawk Network Japan’s location is only a 1 minute walk away from Ebisu Station, 120min from Narita airport, 60min from Haneda airport.

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  • Blackhawk Network Japan is established in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


  • We reached the world’s fastest solution with transaction rate of 2700 TPS


  • The branch Manager and head of Sales joined


  • We increased members of Japan office
  • Division of departments are segmented such as IT operation / sales / card operation / accounting.
  • Improve the network and the level of technical services
  • We completed the cooperation with Seven-Eleven
  • Improve availability to 99.98%
  • Relocate key software components to the local cloud, significantly improving performance and reliability
  • Introduce real-time network monitoring system


  • Improve availability to 99.99%
  • Improve automatic software and hardware failover
  • Create Iphone and Android App for Gift Card Sale
  • Established high-speed dedicated line from Japan to the US, established data center in Japan









  • Sales of gift cards and debit cards
  • Distribution and marketing business
  • Any business related to the above





Greeting from BHN Japan


Since establishing a branch office in Japan in 2009, Blackhawk Network Japan has evolved its business.

We take pride in being customer centric, focusing on innovation and high-quality solutions. Kaizen, or constant improvement, is part of our company’s DNA and culture.

We try to innovate by bringing in new technologies that help our worldwide brands succeed in one of the largest gift card markets in the world.

If you want to enter the Japan market, we can help your brands succeed in this market because of our experience in high quality and innovative services.


At Blackhawk Network Japan we not only dream of the future—we build it!


Leadership Team

Vast experience leads the organization


Yasuki Yoshida

Strategic Sales Director

Samir Abuaita

Digital Sales Director




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