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Blackhawk Network Japan combines the best brand value products with the latest technologies / platforms / services to create commercial and engagement solutions that maximize commercial, productivity and loyalty.

Our comprehensive global network enables us to connect with you through internal services, sales channels and shop shop customers, and networks such as online / mobile / social networks.

The “prepaid” card has the same value as “cash” itself. So there is the risk of being redeemed, the need to secure a storage location, and the risk of stocking as it is necessary to purchase in cash.

However, in our own system, the card itself is a “paper” “only a card”, and the specified amount is charged only when the specified amount is paid at the cash register or online. In other words, sales can be developed without the risk of being treated as a “cash”.



We offer the following solutions:

  • How to activate gift cards, electronic gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Secure electronic gift related system
  • Incentive gift solution




Blackhawk Network Japan eliminate the hassle and cost of multiple vendors participating in your card programs!

Utilize a single integrated card partner that delivers flexibility throughout the lifecycle from product creation to distribution and customer service.


Blackhawk Network Japan Infrastructure

  • 900 TPS  sustained over 12 hours per node.
  • Total 2700 TPS across 3 nodes
  • Blackhawk’s data centers are rated SAS 70 Level 2 and are categorized as Premiere data centers
  • All infrastructure components are fully redundant (Network, Server, Storage, Services)
  • Providers and Partners connect to a fully meshed private MPLS network
  • Acquiring Platforms are located in both data centers
  • All environments are PCI compliant
  • Processing Platform is physically separated from the other Blackhawk platforms for security



A single integrated card technology platform that delivers flexibility throughout the lifecycle from product creation to distribution and customer service.

We offer the best all in all package for the business:

  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Platform Features
  • Base Open Loop Products
  • Base Close Loop Products
  • Managed Services
  • On-Boarding Experience
  • Settlement
  • Issuance
  • Processing
  • Card Production Services
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Distribution
  • Risk Management



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